The Korea Taekwondo Association Code of Etiquette

Etiquette is an expression, through actions, of one's mind respecting the other party's personality, constituting a lofty and valuable basic attitude in a man. The Code of Etiquette established by the Korea Taekwondo Association is aimed at encouraging Taekwondoin to behave themselves like a person of etiquette, always trying hard to cultivate a righteous and decent character in them so that the entire Taekwondo family throughout the world may follow their examples, in the same dobok (uniform) and belt.

Individuals gathering together make a group or organization. An organization can be maintained by firmly established discipline. A group of youngsters especially needs far more discipline and order. The youth's overflowing passion can be tempered only through a reinforced moral education, which starts by the training of etiquette. Etiquette should be based on an upright mind and modest attitude. One should get rid of mean attitudes, showing only modest attitudes, which is an important part of etiquette.

Decent and accurate speech, graceful conduct, upright and moderate attitudes are all the essentials of etiquette deserving a healthy modern life. Etiquette is also the source of maintaining harmony and solidarity for a community life.

To that end, the Korea Taekwondo Association felt it necessary to establish the Code of Etiquette.

Enacted May 7, 1971 by the Korea Taekwondo Association